Friday, September 10, 2010

The Serenity of Nature: A Poem

The serenity of nature fills my soul

As I lay back on the crisp, yet soft grass
I let my mind wander to a tranquil state
Where pain and suffering is nonexistent
And only the serenity of nature remains

While in my state of placidity
I watch in awe as nature works its wonders
I see the trees dancing to the wind's soft, sweet song
A host of bird's announcing the end of a wondrous day
An array of brightly colored flowers
Flaunt their beauty to the world
The pillow-like clouds, like sheep, graze in a large blue meadow
And hide the seemingly shy sun

And as i experience this beautiful setting
A gentle breeze whispers to me
'Time to go'

The serenity of nature fills my soul with peace

Garrett Bradley

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