Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The pool at Pinecrest is 9'6" deep, so cool off this summer by diving into the deep end!
What to bring:
a thermos filled with an icy beverage
the biggest fluffiest towels you can find
a few (well behaved) friends
a bag of fresh cherries and other picnic delights
some swim trunks
plastic cups
your laptop computer (we now have wi-fi at the pool)


Matthew Adams outside his 120-square-foot house by Modern Cabana on his 160 acres near Red Bluff, Calif. He wanted a well-designed dwelling that would have the least effect on his land.

Thinking small is a big part of the vintage trailer mindset. Read the New York Times story at

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pinecrest Evolves.

Pinecrest is a gathering place for like-minded creative people who value the ideas of conservation, preservation, restoration and good taste. These concepts are epitomized by the vintage travel trailers Pinecresters own and enjoy. There is a special element of "recycled eco-chic" which is at large in the park, and with that sensibility there is also an emerging community.

At Pinecrest, living well doesn't mean having a lot of money. Living well means cooking with friends, spending time in nature, having room to breathe and perhaps an occasional moment of tranquility. But more that that, Pinecrest is a work in progress. Blending old ideas with new: solar power, camp fires, swimming, yoga, napping, music, board games and conversation are all a part of the mix.

Pinecrest is unique because it is a "members only" retreat, with room to spread out and the freedom to make your space your own. It has one of the largest, cleanest solar-heated pools in all of Southern California. Pinecrest is a safe place, where members may come to find personal solitude or bring their friends and family to enjoy quality time together.

But best of all Pinecrest is an evolving community, and the evolution is you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frank and Kathleen enjoy their poolside location.

Being close to the clubhouse has it's advantages,
including access to the new poolside WI-FI service!

Pinecrest, tucked into a tree-shaded canyon high in the Cuyamaca Mountains an hour’s drive from downtown San Diego, is the wooded homeland of nearly 100 vintage travel trailers and motorhomes. Call it a yacht club for RVs, where owners have permanent spaces to park their rigs and set up for outdoor living. You can spend as much or as little time as you want with your RV. You can entertain friends and family, cocoon yourself with a book, even meet some new friends who love old trailers as much as you do.

A walk along the wooded paths of Pinecrest reveals the long and colorful history of trailering going back to the 1930s when the first streamlined “land yachts” moved onto the nation’s highways. You’ll find elegant Airstreams that may have traveled to Africa with Wally Byam, a silver streamline Prairie Schooner affectionally dubbed the “toaster” with porthole windows, tiny Teardrops and mini Fans, where whole families snuggled in Midcentury. Many trailers are under renovation, loving projects of a growing group of vintage trailer owners and enthusiasts, who love to share ideas and suggestions for sources of parts and materials.

Pinecrest is more than just camping.
It's community.

Sharing ideas and telling tall tales, pot-luck dinners, stopping by to say hello, or just exchanging songs around the campfire... it's all part of the Pinecrest Resort experience.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's all about "chic workwear".

Lynn R, shown here in front of her refurbished trailer, has done a lot of work on her PC site, transforming it from a dusty corner at the end of the park to a hip and happening "hang spot" great for grilling and star gazing.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making dinner at camp just tastes better.

Although it is a little more work, preparing food in an old time camper always tastes better.
Yes the sink is a little smaller and the counter space is almost non-existent... but the results are, as they say, priceless.

Hanging out is half the fun.

After the trailer is open and all the little things you do to make it homey are done, it's time to hang out with your guests, and catch up with the neighbors (if they're around).

Park Managers Richard and Sydney

Richard and Sydney are full time residents at Pinecrest Resort. They are always around to answer questions and keep things in order. Regular security patrols of the property ensure the safety and privacy of the annual site-holders and their property.

The Winner of the Secret International Outdoor Art and Film Festival held at Pinecrest 2008.

Something Special

There's something special about people who are into vintage stuff, be it trailers, cars or old time technology. They know that by preserving the ways of the past is the best way to stay connected to the future.


After tidying up the trailer, head down to the pool and cool off!

Pinecrest: More than just camping.

Pinecrest Resort is the best place to camp, if you have a vintage trailer. But Pinecrest Resort offer more than just camping, you can swim and hike and stargaze, even do yoga poolside!