Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinecrest Progress Report

 Progress continues!  Building materials are arriving, workers are working, new walls are going up! Everyday at Pinecrest big changes can be seen: huge earth moving machinery has arrived, big holes have been bored into the earth, and sculpted metal rings standby to be planted in the ground to give support to the gigantic new shade structure that will soon grace the Pinecrest landscape. Don't miss all the excitement! Be sure to visit the park during this construction phase to better appreciate the final product: a singular architectural feature that will enhance our Pinecrest community for many years to come.

Please post any new pictures you may take of the building as it develops at Pinecrest: For Members Only

 Note above: The old roof has been removed and tar papered to prepare it for the new construction.
Note above: Reddish brick blocks form the walls for the new Handicap Access bathroom that will be closer to the pool.