Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Off-Season is the BEST Season!

Do you think that just because summer is over that you have to give up your weekend camping trips? With a little proper planning, you can camp well into the fall. For those of us that can take the cold, you can even camp during the winter months. During this time of year, the nice warm days make for a great time for the family to spend hiking and exploring the wilderness. The cooler nights are perfect for sitting around the campfire eating S’mores, playing board games, sharing stories and making music with your family, friends and new acquaintances. When the leaves start changing color the experience is even more worthwhile. So grab a sweatshirt, extra blanket, and a silly (but warm) hat... then head on out there to enjoy one of the best seasons of the year!

PS: If it get's a little too chilly, windy or rainy, you can always head down the hill for the day and warm up in Borrego Springs!