Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Tell if you Have a Vintage RV

Special Guest Article Submitted by Anneliese Hinds.
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Vintage RV's are all the rage. They have been made more popular by Huell Howser and shows like RV Crazy on the Travel Channel. How old does a RV have to be before it is considered vintage? Does vintage include all RV's or is it just travel trailers? There are several different opinions but most defer to the standard set by the Tin Can Tourists.

Who are the Tin Can Tourists? It is a group that is dedicating to preserving the history of RV's in America. The original Tin Can Tourists started in the 1900's. The club was revived in the 1989. They set the standard that most Vintage RV people use as a guide.

  1. Travel Trailers that are 25 years or older are considered vintage.

  2. Truck Campers and Pop-up Trailers are also considered vintage at 25 years or older. If you run across a vintage trailer rally, campers and pop-ups are also welcomed. We traveled from California to Maine in our truck camper.
  3. Motorhomes that are 20 years or older are considered vintage. I own a 1973 Dodge Openroad Motorhome. You know, the green shag carpet.

  4. Teardrop Trailers are in a class by themselves. I have the 1989 Snooze Box. It doesn't qualify by age as a vintage travel trailer but it is a teardrop. Since most teardrops are built from the original plans of the earlier trailers, they are considered vintage. Teardrops are welcomed at all Vintage Trailer Rallies and have their own Teardrop rallies only. In my opinion, these are the most fun of all the trailers. Someone once asked us if it was a house for our dog.

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