Monday, June 14, 2010

News From the Bulletin Board: 4th of July BBQ + More!

News From the Bulletin Board: 4th of July BBQ + More!
Labor Day Weekend "Flea Market", Movie Nights! Yoga!

(Plan on extending your summer holiday plans)

The POOL will be OPEN
through-out SEPTEMBER!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pool is OPEN!

Say HELLO! to LUCKY at the Pinecrest Clubhouse office/snack shop!

The Pool is open! Yoga at the waters edge is back! And Plans are set for a fun 4th of July Party!

Come enjoy the pool. The solar heated water is nice and warm and clear. (Here's a well kept secrest: come during the week and you'll find you and your friends have the place almost to yourself.) Week-ends are also fun for meeting up friends poolside for a picnic and a laugh.
Bring your guitar or ukelele and make a little music! Check the bulletin board for Movie Nights times and dates, Poolside Yoga schedule and special events!

Forget to buy ice on the way to camp? Buy some at the clubhouse shop for $2.50.

ALSO: WE NOW HAVE WI-FI AT THE POOL (FREE). Just ask the friendly Clubhouse Representative to turn it on for you... check your email and up date you facebook profile or even make a post the the "PINECREST (for members only)" facebook page.

Let's all stay connected online this summer and make our wonderful community even stronger!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 Tips for Simple Living

12 Tips for Simple Living:

1: Pay bills immediately.
As long as a bill is hanging out there in the unpaid category, it occupies mental space.

2: Bring a mug to work.
Instead of going through stacks of single-use disposable cups at work, bring your own ceramic mug. Same goes for a water bottle, plate, silverware and any other frequently used items.

3: Spend time outdoors.
Whether it's sunny or overcast, step outside every day to reconnect with nature.

4: Celebrate your victories.
In the rush of our lives, too often we allow our "mountaintop moments" to pass unnoticed.

5: Pay in cash.
Identify a personal spending trouble spot and shift to a cash-only policy.

6: Save your "petty" change.
If you buy a bottle of wine for $9.19, pay with a $10 bill, then put the 81 cents change directly into your piggy bank or an old glass jar.

7: Empty your trash.
Staring into an overflowing waste basket makes you feel bloated, while an empty receptacle signals that your slate has been cleared, and you're ready to move forward.

8: Turn on the ceiling fan.
They provide a soothing, low-level whir (the white noise can help you sleep) and reduce cooling bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter.

9: Hang clothes outside.
I was overjoyed to rediscover in middle age that my childhood chore of hanging clothes on the line was actually pleasurable.

10: Buy used.
It costs less and cuts down on packaging waste, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Second-hand or consignment shops are great places to find clothes, kitchen equipment and even furniture.

11: Disconnect and reconnect.
Take time every day to disconnect from electronics. This will open the way for eye-to-eye contact and genuine engagement.

12: Stop and chat.
When you're out for a walk in the neighborhood, or in a supermarket line, make small talk. You will find that "small talk" isn't small, but big and meaningful.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Photos by Jayne Kennedy

Memorial Day is ALWAYS fun at Pinecrest as it marks the opening of the high season and the opening of the swimming pool.
This year's events included Funnel Cake Making and a Pirates Scavenger Hunt for the kids! If you would like to know more about Pincecrest or are interested in becoming a site-holding member please contact the Richard or Syd at to arrange a visit or just to chat!
(760) 765-0464