Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sisters on the Fly: 'Been setting up camp at Pinecrest for years!

Thought this might be a nice add for the Pinecrest blog. Several Sisters on the Fly have had and have sites at Pinecrest Retreat (currently, me and Janet Castagnola).

I am always working on luring more in!

Best Wishes:
Jayne Kennedy

Friday, April 2, 2010

Community Spirit!

One of the great things about Pinecrest, and the few places on the map that are like it, is the unending community spirit. When you come down for a week-end you start bumping into folks you know and start getting the skinny on what's happen where. So-n-So has a few friends in town and is having a small bonfire around sundown,or What's-Her-Name has brought the waffle iron up and is hosting a little Coffee-n-Waffles fest tomorrow morning. It's a good way to get the know the people in the park and there are always some nice new surprise introductions. The rule of thumb is: buy one thing in volume on the way to the park, like a basket of apples or some other goodie, so you have something to offer the gang when it's your turn to host the party.