Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garden Club News: Native Plant Restoration & Bulb Planting Party

the newly formed pinecrest garden club* announces two fun projects:

1: the "native plant restoration project".
anyone can participate! find a native plant growing on or near your camp site and adopt it. identify it by circling it with stones or rocks (and a little sign if you wish). then do your best to take care of it. water it when it is thirsty and trim it if it gets to scraggly. this is an on going project. please report your progress on the bulletin board with photos of improvements or just a little story.

2: the "plant a bulb project", hosted by garden members ron & frank.
when? saturday november 3rd. what? buy some flower bulbs at a local nursery, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, whatever... then plant around your site or along a path you might walk along. we'll have a potluck lunch at the clubhouse around noon to celebrate our beautifying accomplishments! see you there! (look on the clubhouse bulletin board for more info and updates.)

*all are welcome & encouraged to participate. no gardening experience needed!

Pinecrest Hosts Secret International Outdoor Arts & Film Festival 2012

Pinecrest Retreat was host to the 5th annual Secret International Outdoor Arts & Film Festival, where international artists and filmmakers camp, hike, grill, chill and show films at this creative event. Although the event was closed to the general public, Pinecrest site-holders and swim club members were invited to attend.
The German film TORPEDO won for best long-play narrative film and an American made film about growing up on Main Street entitled EXTRAORDINARILY ORDINARY won for best long-play documentary. Frank & Kathy hosted The Artist Welcoming Gala on Friday night at Camp Wabi Sabi.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Secret International Outdoor Arts & Film Festival to showcase films at Pinecrest.

This is a unique festival for creative artists, filmmakers & Pinecresters.
Secret International Outdoor Arts & Film Festival is a week-end retreat for creative people who enjoy camping, grilling and the great outdoors. 
Other activities sometimes include hiking, wine-tasting, star-gazing, campfires, cocktails, and long conversations about "all things trending". It's an all volunteer festival. 
This is a intimate (invitation only) festival which is an opportunity to enjoy watching films with the people who made them. This event is NOT open to the general public, but Pinecrest site-holders are invited and encouraged to come to the Saturday night screenings, suggested admission $10. Bring a blanket and a chair.
Saturday Sept. 22 at 7pm-ish
Feature Presentations: A collection of short films 15mins or less.