Saturday, October 29, 2011

Timo visits The Shady Dell!

There are lots of great places in the American southwest to see vintage travel trailers, but two places stand out for the quality and volume: Pinecrest and The Shady Dell. After hearing a great deal about Shady Dell, the author of this blog had an opportunity to visit this iconic location. The collection of trailers were laid out museum style, side by side. The shimmering metal vessels glimmered in the Arizona sun, each available for rental by the day. Pinecrest differs from the Shady Dell in this regard, as most of Pinecrests trailers are privately owned and maintained (although a few trailers are available to rent by the night). Another notable difference is that Pinecrest sites are located in and amongst mature pines, poplars and cedar trees, with lots of private land to hike and explore.
Pinecrest and The Shady Dell are each special places to enjoy the best of mobile mid-century modern design in unique American settings.

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