Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Be a Good Neighbor!

Just because we vintage campers tend to be "interesting maverick individual" types, doesn't mean we want to go it alone all the live-long day! Sure we are up at Pinecrest to "get away from it all" and "have a little chill-time", but consider taking a few minutes to get to know your neighbor. Building community with this special group of people empowers us all.

Here are some easy tips!

Don't sneak up on your neighbor. Walk in view of him/her; even wave as you approach. This may sound obvious, but think about how freaked out you'd be to talk to someone who scared the living daylights out of you. As soon as you reach your new neighbor, introduce yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable. They will pick up the slack at this point and offer an excited, welcoming reply. Keep the initial conversation short and steered toward common ground: camping, trailers, neighborhood activities, things to do about town. Keep it light and fun, then be sure to watch for signs that your new neighbor is finished talking. Don't keep her there any longer than she wants to be there. And don't start asking invasive questions about your neighbor's personal or professional life or even where he or she is from (they aren't "getting away from it all" just so they can be reminded of it all). In good time, you'll learn more private details. A nice, quick conversation is best. Leave your neighbor thinking that you are relaxed, easygoing and someone he is going to look forward to running into at a later date.
Saying "Hi"! It's so easy!  Saying "hello" is a lost art that needs to be brought back. Try this: When you are out and about and you encounter someone you haven't met say "Hi!", make eye contact and smile. If they feel like engaging in a little conversation they will pick up the ball and toss it in your court... if not just wave and keep on moving. Everyone's day is a little brighter.
Spruce up your outdoor space, and spend time there.  Hang out on your porch, picnic table or fireside. Put a (tasteful) conversation piece in front of your camp: plant flowers or display some fun-funky art. Don't be shy. You'll find everyone at Pinecrest is pretty cool.
Practice common courtesies  Tidy up for your neighbor (who may not have been up yet) after strong winds or a storm: stow their folding chairs back under the camper, or untangle their wind chimes for them. Help new comers and guests who might need a little assistance with awkward gear, backing a trailer into a site or tying down a tarp before a predicted wet week-end. (I bet they will do the same for you next time.)
Stroll. Post. Offer.  Take an evening stroll around the block. Post a note on the clubhouse bulletin board inviting folks over for coffee one morning, or check it to see what others are up to! When you are heading into town, ask a neighbor if they need anything, this saves them a needless trip and builds a strong bond.
Get involved with the Pinecrest community garden.
Did you know that Pinecrest has a community garden where fresh flowers, herbs and veggies are grown? It's located a little way up the hill from the pool headed to the west. Volunteer! Check-in with Syd to get the overview, then get your green thumb to work.

Being a good neighbor is easy.
The reward? PRICELESS!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Short Film Shot at Pinecrest! Festival to be Announced.

Pinecrest site-holders Lynn Reinstein and Timo Elliott collaborated on the creation of an indie short film using Lynn's trailer and the natural beauty of her site. This project, entitled Something In The Darkness, is a dark-comedy-thriller made with a very dangerous looking gun and a good old fashioned yeti costume. Elliott & Reinstein (in collaboration with Ann Keniston) are also the co-founders of the First Annual International Secret Arts & Film Festival, which also took place at Pinecrest. They hope to present their new film, and others like it, at the next International Secret Arts & Film Festival again at Pinecrest, at a date to be disclosed as needed. Stay Tuned!
Join in the fun! Make your own short film at Pinecrest, 20 minutes or less, using any genre and we will include it in our Festival!