Friday, May 4, 2012

The Progess Continues!

As the summer season at Pinecrest Resort approaches, so too does the excitement over the improvements at the Pool & Clubhouse!
All the soil, which was mostly clay, was excavated and replaced with stable soil to improve the longevity of the covered patio floor.
Much work was done to level and compress the new dirt to create the best conditions for the layer of concrete that is to come next.
The gap between the original clubhouse roof and the new roof will be enclosed to create a seamless transition.
Pictured here, the all-access bathroom at poolside, with wall base emerging from the floor. (General contractor John can be seen thru the open door following up with last minute details.)

This room in the clubhouse, previously unavailable to the public, will be transformed into a new lounge area with plans for a fireplace, sofas, and maybe even a piano! A great new place to gather with fellow Pinecresters on cold or rainy days!