Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Was a Very Good Year!

ron & frank host a lovely evening dinner party for visiting guests and pinecrest dignitaries.
so many great and fun things happened at pinecrest in 2012 it's hard to keep track. the new construction around the swimming pool was completed to the awe of pinecrest members, swim clubbers and visitors alike. additionally, phase one of club house renovations turned the dark and dingy office/snack bar into an open air lounge which was managed most beautifully by miss judy

-many new members have joined in the fun at pinecrest, and along with them some fabulous and funky vintage trailers! the community at pinecrest continues to grow more diverse and dynamic each season. 

- the rental trailers, positioned near the clubhouse, seem to be growing in popularity and provide a nice place for the extended family and friends of members to come and stay in comfort.

-sister jayne hosted the sisters on the fly on more than one occasion over the the course of the summer. and a few of these lovely ladies enjoyed the retro-camping scene so much they decided to find the right site and join the pinecrest club!

-the peak of the season was clearly the secret international outdoor arts & film festival which was hosted by site member and blogger timo elliott at the end of the summer season. this was the second year in a row that the festival was held at pinecrest and the word seems to be getting out as many were in attendance for the 3 day festival which included hiking, yoga, poolside grilling, a guided tour of pinecrest, wine tasting, and of course many great independent films projected upon pinecrest's brand new, super fantastic movie screen. frank and kathleen hosted the opening night welcoming ceremony and kimberly jones wine selections of napa valley was the official wine sponsor this year. 

-the "pinecrest gardening club" was also launched in 2012. along with work in the community victory garden, the club members sponsored two events: 
1. the native plant restoration project. 
2. the first annual bulb planting party. 
both were successful!

yes 2012 was a very good year! and there's more to come in 2013. stay tuned!

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